Why Should We Follow Traffic Rules For Kids

Traffic Rules For Kids
Traffic Rules For Kids

All the terrible news about traffic accidents involving children has made it imperative for all top international school in Pune to make traffic safety education compulsory for kids. 

Many schools like SNBP International School Pune, under the able guidance of Honourable Chairman Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, have started helping primary school students to learn the basic traffic rules.  

Why is traffic education for children important?

In earlier days, parents had the time and luxury to accompany their young children wherever they went. However, as times are changing and parents are becoming busier by the minute, it is becoming increasingly impossible for them to chaperone them everywhere. Once the best Pune international schools take on the responsibility of teaching children their basic traffic rules, parents can rest a little easy about letting their children on the road.

Where to start?

1. Road signals 

The road signals and the meaning of the different colours are a good place to start a child’s traffic safety education. In fact, most IB board schools in Pune start at this point as well. Equipped with this knowledge, children will know when to start and when to stop while crossing the road.

2. How to cross the road

It is necessary that you tell a child that they must cross a road using the zebra crossing. Demonstrate to the child how they should wait for the walking man signal on the signal post to turn red before crossing the road on the zebra crossing. They should also look to their left and right before crossing, and if there are any vehicles approaching on either side, they should wait until the road is clear.

3. Always be attentive on the road

Visionary Chairman of SNBP Pune, Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, as well as teachers in other top schools in Pune, assert that children should be educated to not be distracted when they are on the road. They should be completely focused and have their mind on the road. Teach your children to watch out for horns and honks on the road, to tell them of vehicles that they can’t see.

4. Safety when inside the vehicle 

This is another important rule that little kids find hard to follow. The children should know that they cannot play the fool and stick their heads and necks outside the car or bus windows. Tell them that they can get seriously injured if they do that. Dr. DK Bhosale believes that being honest with children at the best schools in Pune will help them learn important things better and faster.

5. Always use seat belts 

This is another aspect of car safety that children need to follow. Seat belts are very important, and they help to protect the children from harm, in case the car gets into a minor accident. 

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale -Chairman of SNBP Pune


Traffic safety is a genuine concern that SNBP International School Pune, one of the top international schools in Pune addresses. Dr. DK Bhosale is very firm in his stance about moulding children into adults who are aware of their surroundings, and learning about traffic safety at a young age acts as a stepping stone to the same. 

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