Why To Learn Organisation in Early years

It is natural that kids will be unaware of the basic organizational skills when they are very young. However, this might continue to prevail even when they reach the teenage stage, and start gaining maturity.

SNBP International School Pune

In primary schools in Pune, kids have a short span of concentration level and lack logical thinking abilities like adults do. Quite obviously, they are very carefree and do not care much about keeping things organized if not taught. But in practical life, kids often have certain learning and organizational disabilities so it can be a struggle for them. During such scenarios, it depends on the parents and teachers to provide them with proper training and guidelines.

Most of the everyday chores can be quite boring and exhausting for the kids. They would end up procrastinating their activities for the future. This has to be carefully monitored and if it continues, a kid might never learn the importance of organizing and time management. Esteemed Chairman of SNBP International School Pune, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale feels that it is every ones’ duty to guide children so that they do not grow up into disorganized adults.

Let us discuss a few steps which parents can follow to make their kids manage their time better and get organized:

  • Making schedules and calendars: Make it a point that you make a proper schedule or a family calendar wherein your child can follow the instructions and carry out the week’s activities. They can make proper entries and notes in the calendar to keep a check on their day’s tasks. In one of the best ssc schools in Pune, under the able guidance of Chairman Dr. DK Bhosale, a child can learn good organisational skills.
  • Deadlines: Be it a school project or any household chore, make them realise the importance of deadlines. Keep a deadline fixed for them so that they could finish it on time; you can reward them when they are able to maintain timelines. Check for best cbse school in Pune that helps your kid to understand the value of time in a friendly and positive manner.
  • Plan a homework schedule: Dr. DK Bhosale, Founder of one of the top 5 schools in Pune, says that parents can plan out a well-scheduled time table for the kids to balance their work and play. Every kid should devote a set time for their studies and assignments. This will encourage them to plan well and make time for other activities also.

Why Should Kids Learn Organising?

  • Stay focused: Planning and organising things will make your kids focused on all the tasks. This will help in increasing their span of attention and concentration to details. The best International school in Pune adopts holistic methods that boost the concentration power of kids.
  • Learning: Inculcating organisational skills in your child would definitely help them to develop new learning skills such as making checklists, calendars, solving puzzles and many more.
Dr. Dasharath Bhosale - SNBP International School Pune
Dr. DK Bhosale, SNBP International School, Pune

SNBP International School Pune under the chairmanship of Dr. Dasharath Bhosale adopts a holistic approach in developing a kid’s future, and that makes it one of the top primary schools in Pune.

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