Fine Art Day – Your talent is god gift to you

What you do with it is your gift back to God.

An auspicious day is a harbinger of happiness. SNBPIS, Morwadi organized

“Fine Arts Day” to identify the hidden reservoir of talent among students. Our pursuit is to kindle the joy of learning by assimilating students’ choice and talent into the curriculum. Learning has to be fun and it becomes fun only when it nurtures the actual requirement of a student.

We have witnessed an exemplary culinary skill exhibited by students. 32 pairs of participants more than 60 dishes… each dish tickled the taste buds and craved for more. What made our eye to protrude is their skill to garnish their dishes. Participants were conscious enough about the nutritious value, importance of hygiene and how can one show negligence to savour! Within a span of 90 minutes, a feast was ready.

 Mother’s Love was the theme given for Rangoli. Our concern was related to the depiction of the theme. The purity, the sweetness, the anguish various emotions concealed in mother’s love was portrayed. The students were lauded for their choice of colours. The judges showered the participants with praises.

Our intention was to imbibe in them the quality of teamwork and team spirit. Such sort of activities involves and encourages interaction and exchanges of ideas and actions. We are not bothered about the result as we achieved our vision ….TO BE A TEAM PLAYER AND LEAD. Hence, we stress on an auspicious day is a harbinger of happiness.

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